Wine Barrels & Hay Bales

Find wine barrels for hire and hay bales for hire on the Gold Coast

Wine barrels hire and hay bales hire provide much needed table and seating space to your party area. Never have a shortage of table space or seating for your guests when you hire some wine barrels or hay bales. Wine barrels add some flair to a wine & cheese party or use them for a western theme. Vintage parties look great with wine barrels added in.
There never seems to be enough seating for party guests. Hay bales are an easy solution to that problem. Hays bales are a perfect and safe seating option for western, Old MacDonald Farm or barnyard and vintage parties for both kids or adult parties.

Wine barrels for hire

Wine barrels can make practical decorations. They can be used for table tops for your guests to put their drinks on, place nibbles on them, or decorate them. A pair of wine barrels could even be used as bases for making your own timber slab bar! Build a quick, easy additional table with this party hire idea.

Hay bales for hire

If you’re on the Gold Coast looking for party hire with a difference consider hiring hay bales. They make great seating for outdoor use and you won’t have to worry about them getting broken or getting drinks spilled on them.


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