Party Themes & Games

Find the best party themes & games on the Gold Coast

If you’re looking for party ideas with a difference, how about considering some of these party themes & games?
Think outside the box with our unique party theme ideas, recipes and creative decorating hints and tips.

Need party theme ideas?

You’re in the right place. Most adults enjoy a party as much as children do so why not make your next party a themed party.
Host a party unlike anything your guests have been to before. Here are some of our unique party theme ideas.
A Scrabble themed party
How about a game of Human Scrabble at your next party? You could even use Scrabble tiles on Scrabble tile holders to spell out your guest’s names for a sit-down function.
An international themed party

  • Aussie
  • Mexican
  • German ‘Oktoberfest’ style
  • Greek night

No matter what you like, we have party theme & games to suit you and your budget!

Looking For Party Games?

We have a list of game suggestions that just about everyone can play. All our games have detailed instructions of how to play and what you need to play.


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