Party Questions

Your Gold Coast party hire questions answered

If you’re organising a party or event it’s highly likely that you’ll have a question or two that needs answering. We compiled some of the most sought after party planning questions and most importantly the answers! Everything from how long a helium balloon remains afloat to how many glasses of beer are in a keg.

Our top party questions

How many glasses of beer are there in a keg?
A standard size keg holds 49.5 litres. That’s equivalent to:

  • 6 cartons (1 carton = 24 x 345ml)
  • 45 x 1145ml jugs
  • 120 schooners (1 schooner = 425ml)
  • 145 stubbies (1 stubby = 345ml)

How long do helium balloons last?
Temperature can affect how long a helium balloon stays inflated for but it also depends on the quality and material of the balloon.
Latex Balloons are typically more expensive than Mylar balloons and are available in numerous colours. Latex balloons can be filled with Helium or water but being slightly porous they do tend to leak and last less time than Mylar balloons. Be aware that Latex balloons break into small pieces when they pop and may be a choking hazard to small children.
Here’s a rough guide to how long you can expect your helium filled balloon to last.

30cm balloon – 12-18 hours from time of inflation
40cm balloon – 15–30 hours from time of inflation
90cm balloon – 30-48 hours from time of inflation
There is a product called Hi-Float can help your balloons last much longer.
30cm balloon – 4–7 days with hi-float
40cm balloon – 7-14 days with hi-float
90 cm balloon – 7-14 days with hi-float
Mylar balloons are non-porous, self-sealing and typically last longer than Latex balloons. They are available in many different shapes, themes, sizes, and colours.
You can expect Mylar balloons to last:
Small size – 3-4 days then begin to deflate still lasting an additional 3-4 days or longer
Larger size – 3-4 days then begin to deflate lasting an additional 1-2 weeks or longer
Check with the party hire or balloon supplier for tips on how to transport your balloons, handle them properly and how to get the most out of them.

Where should I seat my guests?
Seating is an important part of any party. If possible it’s best to seat guests together based on common interests such as being related, common sporting or social interests, common professions, and same marital/single status.
Just as important as seating people together people who have something in common is avoiding seating people together who you know have some animosity towards one another.


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