Hens Party Games & Activities

Hen’s party games & activities that your guests will always remember

Hen’s party games and activities are a must for the bride’s last party as a single woman. Our games will liven up the party and make sure that she, and her friends, have a night to remember.
To make things even easier we have included free printables and games/activities that use items which you already have around your house or are easily obtained, saving you money while not compromising on the fun.
Whether you’re planning a quiet stay at home hens party or a wild night out on the town, our hen’s party games and ideas can be incorporated to suit both.

Dare List

Prior to the hens party the head bridesmaid should email all attendees, and ask them to send through a couple of funny dares for the unsuspecting hen to carry out on the night of her hens party. Ask the girls to make the dares as funny as possible without being too embarrassing! Throughout the night (perhaps at hourly intervals) the hen has to randomly choose a dare and perform.
Example dares are :
Dare the hen to request a really daggy song like ” If I could turn could back time” by Cher or ‘ I will always love you” by Whitney Houston at a bar.
Dare the hen to pretend she is walking down the wedding aisle carrying a bouquet, in the middle of the hens party venue.
Encourage the hen to get as many “last night of freedom” kisses from men in the venue as she can. A peck on the cheek will suffice for this one!
Dare the hen to find a man to practice the bridal waltz with.
These dares are guaranteed to keep you in stitches all night long but remember be kind to the hen!

What’s In The Bag

This is a great game to play at a private venue. Pre to the party have a list of certain items that you may find in a girl’s handbag. On the night of the Hens Party have each girl sit with their handbag, as you read from the list that you prepared earlier each item that is read out must be removed from the handbag.
The girl with the most items wins a small prize. (include some random items, you may be surprised at what your friends carry with them)

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Guess The Groom’s Undies

When sending out the invitations include a note to bring a pair of their boyfriends / husbands or partners underpants.
Have each guest place their undies into a bag. During the party have the Bride remove the undies from the bag and guess whose husband / boyfriend they belong to.

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White T Shirt Game
This is an ideal Hen’s party game for Out On the Town.

Buy a white t-shirt. and in large letters write the word HEN on it.
Write as many Boys names as you can think of onto the White Tshirt.
The Hen must wear the t-shirt on the night and then at each venue you attend she has to find a boy whose name appears on her white t-shirt.
To prove that she has found a match she must ask the guy to circle or cross out his name on his t-shirt!
The object of the game is to cross off each name on her t-shirt … and to drink a shot for each name missed!

( **remember to carry a marker pen with you so you can cross out the names )

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Hens Party Activities

Not quite Hen’s Party Games but more activities to do with all the girls and the Hen.

Words of Wisdom

Buy a blank scrapbook or note pad and have your guests write words of wisdom or advice for the bride-to-be.

Make a Memory Book

Have each of your guests bring their favourite photo of themselves with the bride and make her a memory book to treasure. You’ll need to have a blank scrapbook & glue or photo album handy to put them all in. If you don’t want to make a book, simply run a string somewhere in a your party space and use clothes pegs to hang them up. This makes a great party decoration as well.

Scavenger Hunt List

How well do you really know the Bride? Print off our Hens Party Scavenger Hunt PDF and let the fun begin.

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