Kids Pirate Party

Kids Pirate Party Ideas

Every pirate will have fun searching for buried treasure or walking the plank
Have your little party guests ready to set sail with these pirate party ideas.


If you don’t want to use generic shop bought Pirate invitations then try making your own. We have some simple creative ideas to help get your imagination working.

Ye Old Treasure Map Invitation

You will need:

White Paper
A tray
Instant Coffee powder
Some markers and stickers

Write or print the details of your party in the white paper. You can draw a map or add stickers if you want to. Then set these aside.
On your tray, mix a pinch of coffee and water. Once the solution is even, lay your papers flat on the tray one by one. The coffee gives it an ancient smell – like it’s been hidden in a closet for a very long time. Hang them to dry. Once they’re dry, you can burn the edges a bit. If you’re feeling artsy, roll your invitation, tie it with a string and put it inside a bottle.

Not feeling that creative then feel free to download and print our pirate invitation by clicking on the image below




Remember to write on your invitations for the children to dress as pirates . Have a few small items put aside for the child whose parent did not read the invite properly and forgot the pirate costume.

How to make your own costume

Start with the eye patch – Draw the shape of an eye patch on a piece of lightweight card.
Cut out the patch.
Paint the outer side black. Let dry.
Pierce two holes into the top of the patch on either side of it.
Thread elastic or string through the holes to tie around child’s head.
Add a bandana , striped shirt and a torn sash as a belt. Cut jagged edges to the legs of an old pair old pants and add a plastic hook or sword from your nearest discount store.



Setting up your DIY Pirate Party is super easy. Since pirates are not princesses, you don’t have to worry whether the door looks clean, or the table isn’t straightened up — you know what I mean. You can have as much as fun as you want and get the whole to family to participate. Instant family bonding!
Create table backdrop decorations from any sheets/tablecloths or scrap pieces of material and a handful of artsy keepsakes from the thrift shop. A broom handle comes in handy as a ship’s mast.
Hang nets, old ropes and fabrics on walls to get the feel of life on deck.

pirate party decoration

Image from Pirate Party Decorations

Gather treasures trinkets, coins or chocolates and place them in piles on tables or fill a chest and make the treasure the centrepiece.



Pickled or salted vegetables and meats were what pirates used to eat but  we’re not sure that’s what our little pirates would like to eat, so we have a few other ideas for you.


Place some Malteasers in a bowl and label them “Cannon balls”
Fish shaped crackers are great so to are hot dogs with little sails.
Blue Jelly becomes instant sea water and a watermelon a shark with a little imagination


Party food ideas for a pirate party

Images from Pinterest



Use a keg-like jar and fill it with juice so your Mateys can feel what it’s like to drink like pirates.



Games and Activities

Have the little Scallywags decorate their very own pirate hats

You will need:

A pirate hat template
Card stock or heavy paper ( one for each pirate)
Hat elastic or string
Some stickers, pictures, beads and other scrapbook-y stuff

Cut this pirate hat template out of black coloured paper and give it to each guest.


DIY Pirate hats
Image from:How to make a Pirate Hat


Attach hat elastic to the template. Staple one end of the hat elastic / string 4cm or 2” from the leftmost part of the template and the other end to 4cms or 2” from the rightmost part of the template.

There you have your pirate hat! But it looks so boring right? Give each guest a blank pirate hat, and make them decorate it with anything they want. Let them add stickers, beads for girls, etc. This can be their very own pirate party name tags too!


Treasure Hunt

Have your little pirates go on their very own treasure hunt.

You will need:

An improvised treasure map
Small gifts/ trinkets

Draw a map in a brown scrapbook paper, and give clues as to where the treasure is. To add more fun to this activity, give physical instructions and rhymes like “to get the treasure in your sight, hop four times then slide to your right.” Make the clues and tasks appropriate for the age group that you are entertaining.

How to make a treasure map

Image from How to make a treasure map


Pin Me Eye Patch On


Played like the party game “Pin the tail on the donkey”

You will need:

A DIY Pirate Poster
Bandanas or Blindfold
A DIY Eye Patch for your Pirate Poster

How To Play


Hang the DIY Pirate Poster on the wall. Make your guests line up single file. Put the blindfold on the first player. Make him or her turn a couple of times and see if he or she is able to stick the Eye Patch to the Pirate’s eye. Whoever does, wins the game.



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