Kids Party Games & Activities

Kids Party Games & Activities

Anyone who has ever hosted a kids birthday party knows that children are always up for a fun party game. Now we have made it easier for you to throw your child an epic birthday party with some of the creative kids party games and activities listed below. Party Games and activities that are guaranteed to be fun and memorable for both boys and girls, toddlers to teens and all ages in between!

Kids Party Games & Activities

Be prepared with ample birthday party activities to keep the little ones amused and entertained. Here are a few activities to add to your party list. Have a variety of types of kids party games & activities as not every child likes to do the same thing.

The right party games help your little guests stay busy and active while wear off some of their energy. Listed below you will find some ideas to keep your party moving!

Party Activities

Smell it, Shake it, Hear it


  • Jars
  • Spices
  • Paper clips
  • Buttons, etc.

How to Play

  1. Completely wrap small jars with paper to block contents’ view.
  2. Fill each jar with items such as cinnamon, vanilla, paperclips or coins.
  3. Have the children sit in a circle and pass the jars around, smelling the contents or shaking it to guess what’s inside. (If you are concerned about spillage, you can hold open jars under each child’s nose.)
  4. After each jar is passed around the circle, let each child guess what it is.
  5. Finally……reveal the contents.


Frozen Fossil


  • Medium-sized plastic containers – 1 for each child
  • Plastic Dinosaurs –  use different sizes to keep it interesting
  • Age appropriate “excavation” tools – eg. kitchen utensils, small hammers, paddle pop sticks, etc.
  • Trays or pans to set the ice blocks in.


  1. A couple days before the party,  fill each plastic containers with water. Leave room for the ice to expand.
  2. Add small plastic dinosaurs to each container.  It s a good idea for each child to get the same amount of dinosaurs.  Another option is to add food coloring for a more festive look. (this also makes it harder to find the dinosaurs) Freeze the containers until party day.
  3. Just before its time to start the “DIG”, remove the ice blocks from the pails and place each block  in a foil pan or tray to catch the water as it melts.
  4. Give every little archeologists some “excavation” tools and a block. The kids can now start trying to free the dinosaurs. Watch as the ice chips start to fly and the water begins to splash but most of all the kids will have a great time.


Party Games

Pop a Treat


  • Lots of balloons
  • Treats to put inside the balloons


  1. Blow up the balloons and fill some of them with small treats – lollies, notes, little toys, etc.

How to play

  1. Toss the balloons all around your party space (inside or out)  and let the kids start jumping on, squeezing or popping the balloons to gather their goodies.


“Stay Away From My Balloon”

Great party game for larger groups of 6 or more


  • A balloon for each party guest (get the parents involved too)
  • 1 piece of string per guest, approx. 1 meter long – shorter for the little ones
  • Small prize for winner.

How to play

  1. First of all, give each child (parent can play too) a balloon and a piece of string, approximately a metre long.
  2. Ask them to blow up their balloon, tie the balloon to one end of the string and tie the opposite end of the string around their ankle. Little guest will need help with this part.
  3. The aim is to protect their balloon while also trying to bust everyone else’s. The winner is the one with the last balloon not popped.
  4. A small prize may be awarded to the winner.

**Supervision and some help may be required.


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