Army Theme

Get your troop ready for action !

Your Buck and his guests will like this Army theme. This is truly one of the coolest Bucks party theme ideas around!



Whether you send invites out via Facebook, email or post them, in your invitations to the bucks party guests include the dress code: army, camouflage or khakis. Make sure you give the troop plenty of warning. They’ll need time to get their uniforms in ship shape.


Military costumes, camouflage or khakis are a must for this theme. This can be anything from a camo t-shirt and jeans to a full military uniform. The detail of your costume will be up to the individual and their budget. Have a penalty for the guest that has the worst costume on the night. (make him stand to attention on the bucks command)



If you are planning on hosting the party at a house or venue instead of heading out to a bar or club you will want to include some decorations. After all a party is not a party without them!
Decorations can include green and brown balloons, streamers and tableware.
Cargo nets and plastic machine guns are ideal.


If you are planning on feeding the troops before you head out or you are thinking of setting up a mess hall for them here are a few army inspired ideas.

Party Hire | Gold Coast | The Party Website Military theme party ideas



This will depend if you are partying at home or out on the town. If it’s a stay at home party and you want to supply the booze we have a couple of drinks that go with the army theme.

A- Bomb


  • Irish Cream (Bailey’s) 15 mls
  • Kahlua 15 mls
  • Tia Maria 15 mls
  • Vodka 15 mls

How To Make:

Build this drink over ice and stir. Serve in a chilled cocktail glass.



  • Irish Cream (Bailey’s) 15mls
  • Grand Marnier 15 mls
  • Kahlua 15 mls

How To Make

Layer Kahlua, Bailey’s and then Grand Marnier in a shot glass.  Bombs Away!


Games & Activities

What You Need:

Plastic Toy Soldiers

How To Play:

On your guests arrival have them select a plastic toy soldier. This soldier now becomes his “position”. Throughout the night someone at random will shout out
“In Coming!” and when these words are said everyone must take the position of their soldier. The last man to do so must scull a drink or down a shot.

toy soldiers

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