Party Games

Let the FUN begin with these Party Games!

Party games might sound like the kind of thing you play at a child’s birthday, but why should kids have all the fun? Adult party games can be just as much fun if not more.
If you’re planning on having a party at your house, you don’t have to rely on drinking games to get your party guests in the right spirit, although the odd one of those too is more than fine.
We have game suggestions that can be played at small events like dinner parties or crazy action packed ones for larger crowds. From sitting down around a table to jumping around the room, keep your party moving!
Just like planning a kids party, when getting ready for an adults party you need to make sure that you have thought of everything and are prepared for when your guests arrive. After all you don’t want to be running around doing preparations during the party, afterall there is too much fun to be had. Timing is everything!
Parties can often bring strangers together so icebreaker activities or games can have your guests mingling at no time. If you consider every element of the party as well as your guests, including a game or two will prove to be a huge success and often talked about for weeks after. Sending your guests home laughing and full of great memories makes your event a success. Boredom can be a “party pooper”!
Remember – some of the best party games are not expensive just creative.

Giant Jenga

Bark like a dog, kiss the person beside them…..
Need a great party game icebreaker? – have your Giant Jenga set up and have guests start playing upon arrival. For this you may want to write on your blocks thingsMake or rent a Giant Jenga game (these have become very popular lately.)
If you decide to make a Giant Jenga, consider painting one side with chalkboard paint so your can write fun instructions on each block.
The person that pulls a block that has instructions written on it must do what the block asks – take a shot, like – “introduce yourself to someone new” or “kiss a stranger”, etc.

Peg A Guest

A fun game that can be played throughout any party!
Plastic or very light clothes peg.
How To Play
Hand the peg to a “pegger. He or she must attempt to peg a guest without them knowing. The “pegger” then moves away from the victim and begins to count out loud to 6. Watch the fun begin as everyone frantically searches themselves to find the peg. If the victim cannot find the peg before the count of 6 he or she must take a shot or pay the penalty. If the victim does find the peg then the “pegger” must drink or pay the penalty. The victim now becomes the “pegger” and the game and fun continues.

Where is My Partner?

Enough sticky notes so you have 1 per guest.

Research famous couples. Write the name of each person on a sticky note.
How to play
As each guest arrives, attach a sticky note to their back. Once everyone has arrived, have your guests start asking questions to try to figure out firstly who THEY are and then find their “match”. Your guests will be talking, laughing and mingling in no time.
You can even have a photo booth, they are available for hire on the Gold Coast or set up a photoshoot area so the newly formed couples can take a picture to keep.
Want to add a twist? Every time someone guesses who they are WRONG – have THEM take a shot.

Who Likes Cherries?

A few large glass bowls
Maraschino or fresh pitted cherries
Whipped cream

How To Play
Ask your party guests – Who likes cherries? When you have a few volunteers place a cherry in a bowl in front of them on the table. Explain that this is a race to see who can eat the cherry first without using their hands. Just as they think this is the easiest party game ever, fill each bowl with whipped cream. AND now the fun really begins. Make sure you have your camera ready!


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