Catering Equipment

Need catering equipment or party hire?

Hiring catering equipment is almost a must if you are expecting to cater for a lot of guests at your next party or function.

The last thing you want to think about is your food getting cold or running out of forks. Making sure you have enough of everything. What will you serve the food in or on? Wishing you had that extra dish with a lid to keep the bugs away. Hiring catering equipment eliminates all the worry.

Don’t let the last guest to the buffet table eat cold food. Bain-maries are a popular way to keep your party food warm right up to the end of service.  These heating trays are so useful for functions but take up a lot of kitchen cupboard space and can be costly. Renting this type of catering equipment eliminates the expense and hassle of storing items that are not used that often but extremely helpful at parties. For a small investment your can serve your food like a professional.

Having a kids circus themed party? Rent a hot dog cooker and bun warmer. Cook all your food at once and add that extra bit of authenticity to your party.

There are options for renting larger catering items such as hot food bars. This allows you to set up your food station anywhere you want. Forget about rearrange the furniture just to set up some tables. Have your buffet set up anywhere quickly & easily.

Don’t have enough dishes?

Catering equipment can include coffee and tea service, bowls, plates, cutlery, glassware, serving utensils and table linen.

Tired of wasting time ring all your friends to collect enough platters, serving spoons or tea cups for your high-tea party? Not to mention the trouble of having to return it to its rightful owner the next day!

Get all your party catering needs in one place! One trip there, one trip back. some companies may even do delivery and pick-up.

As shown above, you will find Gold Coast catering companies ready to make party preparing & serving easy.



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