Candy Land Party


Turn your home into Candy land. Make your own candy land game and entertain your party guests from the minute they arrive. Turn the guests into the game piece and watch them have fun trying to win their way along the candy path to the lolly shop at the end.


Imagine what a party invitation from Willy Wonka would look like and try to incorporate this into your idea. How about buying some large lollypops ( I’ve seen these at Kmart).  Glue your invitation to the front of them and hand these out to the kids. If you plan far enough ahead then you may be able to save enough empty Kinder Surprise cases and pop your invitations into these and hand them out. Or there is always the “Golden Ticket” approach. If these ideas are a little too extreme for you or there is simply not enough time then you can always use our free printable Candy Land Party Invitations. Just click and print.

Party Hire | Gold Coast | The Party Website Candy Land Party Invite

Party Hire | Gold Coast | The Party Website Free Candy Land Party Invitation
Free Candy Land invitation



Wall Decorations – using cellophane or plastic wrap and coloured plastic plates, make each plate look like a wrapped piece of candy. Stick them to the wall all over your party space. Make enough pieces of candy so there is 1 for each guest. When the game is over, have the kids chose a piece of candy to use as their plate for lunch.
make candy decorations our of paper plates and cellophane.

Giant lollipops – Use paper tubes from wrapping paper, white paint, coloured balloons and cellophane wrap. Paint each tube white and let dry. Blow each balloon up to the size you would like. Wrap the balloon with cellophane (leaving excess at the bottom to have it look like a lollipop) using a long ribbon. Run the ribbon down the tube and add a weigh at the bottom to make the “lollipop” stand up. For a more stable “pop” use a flower pot as a base. Secure the lollipop into the flower pot. Using floral foam works well. Fill the flower pot with anything to make it heavy and stable. Put small balloons around the stick base to add more colour and decorations. 4 “lollipops” can become the start and the finish of the game. Make giant lolly pops out of balloon, cellophane and cardboard tubes.

Gigantic Bob Bons Great party decoration to enhance any Candy Land party
Simply wrap paper lanterns in clear or coloured Cellophane and tie off ends with ribbon
Gigantic Bon Bons made from balloons and cellophane.

Giant Lolly Pops
Another stand out party decoration is to make giant lolly pops and use them as table centre pieces. Pant contrasting swirls on the back of plastic plates then wrap in cellophane, tie of end with some ribbon and attach to a piece of dowel or plastic tubing or a ballon stick (Spotlight ).
Candy Land lolly pop decorations made from paper plates
Lolly Shop – What could be more fun than playing a game and ending up at the “LOLLY SHOP”? Have a candy buffet set up as the finish line. As each guest finishes the path, allow them to select something from the shop. Add a beautiful“Birthday Chocolate Bar Bouquet“ to your table. For older kids, mark money amounts on the back of each square. As they play have them add the amounts of money they collect and they can go “shopping” at the Lolly shop when they are finished. Play as often as you like. Everyone will be a winner.
Candy Cake – No birthday party would be complete without an amazing cake
For added fun have candy necklaces, bracelets and watches for the guests when they arrive.

Idea from –Parents Magazine


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