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We are the most comprehensive online LOCAL party directory on the Gold Coast. Advertise with us!

We are looking for Gold Coast party related businesses. Do you offer party hire, party services, function hire or event related services? Our directory is for you.

We designed our LOCAL Gold Coast party directory to help people and corporations, organize parties, functions, weddings and all types of events easily. It is simple to organize every type of occasion such as kid’s parties, birthdays, baby showers and anniversaries from our site.

Cakes, catering, costumes, decorations, party hire, party machines, vehicles, venue hire or wedding service businesses…….our directory is for you.

Do you offer event or wedding planning, party entertainment or party services?  Advertising with us means spending your advertising $$$ wisely.

Why Advertise with us?

Are your LOCAL advertising $$$ gets lost on the WRONG directory?

The Party Website Gold Coast deals only with local party related services. Gold Coast customers searching online for local party businesses or services, will find you, not your out-of-town competition!

What makes us different?

Other party directories advertise themselves as “local” however, visitors are often sent to sites that are out of area, out-of-state and sometimes even out of country. The Party Website Gold Coast makes sure all businesses operate within the local area.

Why do we get thousands of visitors come to our site monthly?  Because we provide three party or event planning essentials.

  • First of all, WHO they are looking for……..Local Gold Coast businesses. 
  • Secondly, WHAT they are looking for……….information to help decide what they need.
  • Thirdly WHERE to find what they need……….all here in one place!!!!
  • No other directory does that!!

Above all, we make sure Gold Coast customers find your business quickly and easily.

The Party Website Gold Coast gets visitor traffic because we are…….

  • Local
  • Specific
  • Targeted
  • Party-Related
  • Super-Visible
  • Provide what viewers are looking for

Limited Spaces Available.

We have chosen to only list 6 businesses in each of our category. We ensures that each business advertisement gets prime positioning. With this in mind, make your business one of them.     

Once again … Don’t let your LOCAL advertising $$$ gets lost in the WRONG directory!

The Party Website Gold Coast are proud to support Gold Coast small business and keep local dollars local!

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